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True EB Fan Report: Sharon and Friends from Houston, Texas

January 31, 2012 – This was truly a night to remember! Since it was Reola’s birthday, I stopped off & got a cake. Leatha told me she had reserved a table & that we could bring in desserts. Cool! Got to Grooves about 6 o”clock and was taken to the table. Leatha was on her way. Reola comes strolling over to me looking all cute & thangs. LOL The place was packed & I was so glad to see such a great turn out for our man. The Majic 102 crew was all over the place taking pics. Once Leatha arrived, we started checking out how this thing was gonna work. There was a line for pictures to be taken w/ Eric that stretched all the way to the restrooms but once it got moving moved pretty quickly. I stayed in line while Le went back to the table. Leatha rejoined me in line just as we were ushered to the lounge. There was our man. looking so fly, handsome, gorgeous, delectable… um, sorry, I digress. He had on a black velvet jacket & vest, white t-shirt, black pants and that winning smile that melts us all. The purpose of the party was to celebrate Majic 102’s 35 anniversary but also to raise money for St Jude children’s hospital. It was free to get in but $10 for a picture w/ Eric. I gave the young lady my money and instantly went into those sexy arms for my hug. The first thing he asked me was if I brought him cake. Hahaha! I told him that I did but for Reola’s birthday. “Does that mean I can’t have any?” Heck no! He’s Eric Benet, our singer Extraordinaire! You know I was gonna try my damnedest to get him some of that cake!

T gave me the name of the EMI rep so I found her & explained that some members of Eric’s fan club were here & could we come back & get a group shot & bring the cake. She was very gracious and agreed. I went back & got the girls, Leatha had the cake & we’re trekking through the crowd back to the lounge. One of my co-workers was there & saw us. I’d been telling her about how much of a EB fan I was & that I’d met him several times, etc. I don’t think she really believed me. How come when we passed her in the crowd, she latched on to us & went in w/ us? LMAO Once we got in, she stood there w/ her mouth open! Eric was taking a few last shots w/ folks then came over to greet us. We got a group shot w/ him, then as I was cutting the cake, His Royal Hotness began to sing Happy Birthday to Reola! She says she was about to faint but she stood there, looking cool, smiling big like this was something she did every day. Work it, Re!!! Leatha & I managed to get a few shots of the serenade. So sweet!

They ushered us out so we went back to our tables & shared the cake. No, I didn’t make this one but it was very tasty. The music was jammin & we got out on the floor for a hot minute. Once Eric came to the stage, he did a Q&A period w/ Candy Eastman, Majic 102’s Sweet Talker, answering questions the audience submitted. He answered those then talked a bit about the new album dropping in May (can’t wait!) and sang “Real Love”, “You’re The Only One” and “Sometimes I Cry”. He took off his jacket after the second song & I thought he was seriously was gonna get rushed by the women hollering, sighing & screaming his name. The crowd went crazy on the last one as Eric TORE IT UP! It was such a boost to see him so very well received by more than just us! He looks great, sounds phenomenal and still gives the best hugs! I know I got extra for all of you guys. LOL I’m looking forward to Virginia!

Sharon and Friends
TRUE EB FANs –¬†Houston, Texas

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