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Eric Benet at The Celeste Center in Columbus, OH

Eric  Benet-Columbus photo #3

On Thursday, July 25th at the Celeste Center in Columbus, Ohio Eric Benet headlined this amazing event. Prior to Eric gracing the stage Noel Gourdin and K’Jon performed.

Eric entered the stage with “Love Don’t Love Me” and the audience went crazy, at least, I know the True EBS that were in the building went crazy.  He asked the audience if they remembered some of the songs he sang back in the day when he was wearing leather pants. He went on to sing songs like “Pretty Baby”, “Spiritual Thang”,” Femininity”, “Chocolate Legs” and “Hunger.”  The ladies lost their minds when Eric sang “Chocolate Legs.”

Fourteen years ago, Eric sang “Spend My Life” as a duet with Tamia, but he had the pleasure of performing the duet with Ms. Candice Boyd at this event.  The crowd was very receptive to them.  Candice and Eric, as always, tore this song up and did their thing.

Eric then went on to mention to the audience that he started his own label, Jordan House, and he wanted to sing some songs from his new CD The One.  The lights went dim and Eric went right into singing “Real Love.”   Following was “Sometimes I Cry” and let me say Eric took us to church on this one.  He received yet another standing ovation on this song. This is definitely a goosebump song.  The audience was also really feeling “News for You” because it has a old school sound to it.  When Eric sang “Harriet Jones,” the True EBs definitely rose to their feet yet again to get our sway and dance on.  He closed with “You’re the Only One” and said good night.

Eric Benet- Columbus photo #6

The crowd started chanting “Eric, Eric, Eric” and then he quickly came back on stage to perform “Georgy Porgy.”  Ladies in the audience got on their feet and some even headed towards the stage to see if they could get a quick hand shake from Eric.  One of the things that was a bit different at this show in comparison to other shows is there was an interpreter doing sign language. She did sign throughout the course of the whole performance. At one point the energy level was so high Eric ran off the stage to where the interpreter was standing on a platform to continue to sing Georgy Porgy and of course the crowd went even more wild.  The interpreter was really into it and was jamming as well. Eric’s stage presence is like no other. Truly amazing.  Eric surprised the audience with singing one more song, Yarbrough & Peoples “Don’t Stop the Music” in which the audience sang along.

The finale was the introduction of the band members:  Wes, Steve, AJ, Candice and Jonathan. This was the moment that each of them got to do their thing and show the audience their work.

Overall the performance was breathtaking, energetic and fun to watch. We always love to see Eric perform but are always sad to see the show come to an end. Our saving grace is that we know there will always be another performance to attend.


True EB Concert Correspondent



True EB Fan Report: Linda from Jacksonville, FL

December 7, 2011 – I attended another incredible performance from Eric Benet at V101.5’s An Intimate Night with Eric Benet in Jacksonville, FL. Eric didn’t disappoint as he smoothly glided through each song. He performed hits songs Sometimes I Cry, Chocolate Legs and You’re the Only One. These songs were #1 for 5-6 weeks! I also got a chance to hear Eric perform his new single, “Real Love.” He sang it flawlessly and was enjoyed very much by all who listened! This is the first song from Eric’s upcoming CD “The One”, to be released in the spring of 2012. Eric explained that the title of his new CD “The One” is so named because it is the first CD from his own new label, Jordan House Records and with EMI Records. Eric also performed hits from back in the day, including “Spend My Life” and we also grooved to “Georgy Porgy.”

After his amazing performance, Eric sat down for a Q & A session and some requests. He was impressed with his first request to sing a song from his first album with his sister Lisa, Only Wanna Be With You. After which he answered questions about who his mentor has been, on the business side, through the years. Eric reported that there was no one person but many and that you really need to be dedicated to stay in the music business these days. What would you be doing if you were not in the music business? Eric said that he would probably be a screen writer. Eric wants to also do more acting. Eric’s answers to the questions were very open and honest. He feels that this is conveyed to his audience. He also puts personal experiences and situations into his music because he feels his listeners can feel this.

Eric left us with pictures that we got to take with him and more amazing memories of An Intimate Night with Eric Benet!

Linda R. 
TRUE EB FAN – Jacksonville, Florida 

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