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Eric Benét Throwdown at the Houston Arena Theatre

Stephanie, Leatha, Emi, Eric, Sharon, and Jamie

Stephanie, Leatha, Emi, EB, Sharon, & Jamie

Alright True EBs! Here’s the low down on what went down at the show down featuring the MAN – Mr. Eric Benet! I arrived on the scene about 15 minutes before show time and the ladies (Sharon, Reola, Jamie, Reola’s cousin Patricia, Stephanie, and Emi) were waiting for me in the lobby. Also in the building were True EBs Peggy and Patrice. Emi was sweet enough to bring us gifts as well as gifts for Eric and Jonathan.

We chatted for a while in the lobby then made a Bee-Line to our seats because the show was scheduled to start at 8:00 pm. We sat with anticipation and started getting a little antsy around 8:15. Finally, around 8:45, the announcer introduces Eric and he starts making his way to the stage flanked by half a dozen or more security guys. We couldn’t really see him but we could hear him. As he made his way to the edge of the stage, the guards set up posts around the stage and his Royal Hotness was in full view and the crowd went wild! Screaming at the top of our lungs, hands in the air, throwing our heads from side to side – we were ready to receive and EB was ready to give it to ME… ahem, pardon me, give it to US! LOL

Our guy Jonathan was backing EB up on the keyboards and vocals – looking cool as a fan as he did his thang!

EB had on his usual dressy casual attire: Signature shades, jacket, vest, long sleeve shirt, tie, jeans and comfy shoes. But with each song, he started peeling off clothes, loosening his tie and opening his shirt. Caramelicious HOTNESS!!!

He started things off with the up-tempo “Harriett Jones” then went smoothly into “Chocolate Legs”. For the next song, he gave us a little background story of his ulterior motive for choosing the female soloist to partner with him on this particular endeavor – “Spend My Life with You”. He had the hots for Tamia but his hopes were dashed when she showed up with GRANT HILL! LOL Since he didn’t have a female counterpart, you guessed it – EB handled it all by himself!

Then came the pièce de résistance – “Sometimes I Cry”. The high notes this man attained during this selection always send chills up and down my spine! You would’ve thought we were in church with all those waving hands and screaming affirmations of “YES!!!”

I was riding the wave of that high on the rest of the songs: “News For You”, “Runnin'” and “You’re the Only One”. He didn’t disappoint with the show closer that always gets the house on their feet and rocking – “Georgy Porgy”.

After he left the stage, Sharon said let’s roll and we made our way to the backstage area. We bumped into the road manager and Sharon stop to chat with him letting him know the True EBs were in the building and if it was possible, would like to say hello to Eric.

So we set up post in front of the backstage entrance and were finally granted access. As always, EB was very gracious and engaged us in “catch up” conversation. Emi presented her gifts and Eric grabbed a piece of candy to munch that was meant for Jonathan but who was going to stop him! lol

We took individual pictures then a group picture, said our good-byes and headed for the house. It was another wonderful EB experience! Until next time, STAY TRUE!

Written by TrueEB Leatha

Eric Benet at The Celeste Center in Columbus, OH

Eric  Benet-Columbus photo #3

On Thursday, July 25th at the Celeste Center in Columbus, Ohio Eric Benet headlined this amazing event. Prior to Eric gracing the stage Noel Gourdin and K’Jon performed.

Eric entered the stage with “Love Don’t Love Me” and the audience went crazy, at least, I know the True EBS that were in the building went crazy.  He asked the audience if they remembered some of the songs he sang back in the day when he was wearing leather pants. He went on to sing songs like “Pretty Baby”, “Spiritual Thang”,” Femininity”, “Chocolate Legs” and “Hunger.”  The ladies lost their minds when Eric sang “Chocolate Legs.”

Fourteen years ago, Eric sang “Spend My Life” as a duet with Tamia, but he had the pleasure of performing the duet with Ms. Candice Boyd at this event.  The crowd was very receptive to them.  Candice and Eric, as always, tore this song up and did their thing.

Eric then went on to mention to the audience that he started his own label, Jordan House, and he wanted to sing some songs from his new CD The One.  The lights went dim and Eric went right into singing “Real Love.”   Following was “Sometimes I Cry” and let me say Eric took us to church on this one.  He received yet another standing ovation on this song. This is definitely a goosebump song.  The audience was also really feeling “News for You” because it has a old school sound to it.  When Eric sang “Harriet Jones,” the True EBs definitely rose to their feet yet again to get our sway and dance on.  He closed with “You’re the Only One” and said good night.

Eric Benet- Columbus photo #6

The crowd started chanting “Eric, Eric, Eric” and then he quickly came back on stage to perform “Georgy Porgy.”  Ladies in the audience got on their feet and some even headed towards the stage to see if they could get a quick hand shake from Eric.  One of the things that was a bit different at this show in comparison to other shows is there was an interpreter doing sign language. She did sign throughout the course of the whole performance. At one point the energy level was so high Eric ran off the stage to where the interpreter was standing on a platform to continue to sing Georgy Porgy and of course the crowd went even more wild.  The interpreter was really into it and was jamming as well. Eric’s stage presence is like no other. Truly amazing.  Eric surprised the audience with singing one more song, Yarbrough & Peoples “Don’t Stop the Music” in which the audience sang along.

The finale was the introduction of the band members:  Wes, Steve, AJ, Candice and Jonathan. This was the moment that each of them got to do their thing and show the audience their work.

Overall the performance was breathtaking, energetic and fun to watch. We always love to see Eric perform but are always sad to see the show come to an end. Our saving grace is that we know there will always be another performance to attend.


True EB Concert Correspondent



Eric Benet Captivates at FSO in Charlotte NC

TrueEBs in Charlotte

TrueEBs with EB at For Sisters Only Charlotte

(From left to right: Danielle, Deirdre, EB, Denise, Jannelle, and Audrey)

After waiting patiently in line and copping some exclusive EB merchandise, people spotted EB at the Radio Station booth (V 101.9 and Power 98 FM) doing an interview. EB wrapped up the interview and came over to his booth to meet and greet the fans. The crowd went wild and cameras were just a clicking. As always Eric gave his fans love and his personable side continued to shine along with that amazing smile of his… Once the TrueEBs packed up the merchandise, Jamie G. allowed us to watch the show from backstage – WHAT A TREAT! Special Shout Out to Jamie G.. It was so funny because so many eyes were on us because we had our EB T-shirts on, credentialing badges, and to top it all off we sang EVERY LAST song that Eric performed. Real Love, Chocolate Legs, Harriet Jones, Sometimes I Cry, News for You, Georgy Porgy, etc. The list goes on. At one point my youngest son, who is 13 years old was taking pictures of us with my tablet and he recorded all of us dancing and singing. But I think it was accidently deleted. That would have been something to see. TrueEBs didn’t have a care in the world. We didn’t care who was watching. All we knew is that we were together, Eric was singing and that’s all that mattered. Watching Eric perform from back stage on the Big Screen was truly amazing and of course we would love to experience that again. As usual, JonRych was doing his thing on the keyboard. What a fabulous day!

Recap by TrueEB Deirdre

Eric Benet at VA Live February 16th!

EB with the TrueEBs at VA Live!

EB with the TrueEBs at VA Live! (copyright Parker Media Group)

Front row left to right: Reola, Mary, Dionne, Pauletta, and our VA-Live host, Tricina              Back row: Deirdre, Patrina, EB, and Regina

Love was definitely in the air at VA Live on February 16th for a special Valentine’s weekend concert featuring the incomparable Eric Benet.

It was cold and snowing outside, but EB had the heat all the way up as he wowed the sold out crowd with his exceptional vocals and commanding stage presence. He was joined onstage with his music director, Jonathan Richmond aka Jon Rych.

EB performed all of his classic hits, including Chocolate Legs and Sometimes I Cry. He also performed the new hit single, News For You. He had the crowd on their feet as he performed his signature closing number, Georgy Porgy.

The TrueEBs were out in force! Reola and her granddaughter flew in from Houston, Texas. TrueEB Mary made the 9-hour drive from Ohio. Several TrueEBs made the nearly 4-hour drive from the Baltimore/DC area. It was so worth the effort! TrueEB Deirdre coordinated fabulous seating for us. The venue definitely gave us VIP treatment (big shout out to Tricina!). It was a wonderful night of music, fun, food, and friends.

Ain’t no party like a TrueEB party ’cause a TrueEB party don’t stop!

Long-time fan of EB? Have all of his music? Know most of the lyrics to most of his songs? See him in person every chance you can? Well, you’re a TrueEB! Email to get more information.

Eric Benet at the Howard Theatre – January 16th & 17th

EB with the TrueEBs - Howard Theatre DC

EB with the TrueEBs – Howard Theatre DC

Celese, Patrina, Denise, Robyn, EB, Mary, Deirdre, Robyn, Pauletta, Luscious & Connie

Eric Benét delivered two phenomenal shows at Washington D.C.’s Howard Theatre January 16th and 17th to two VERY enthusiastic, sold-out crowds. While the TrueEBs were well-represented at both shows, the bigger group came out to support our guy Thursday night. Eric’s set was a melodic blend of new hits and old favorites.

The TrueEBs’ meet and greet after the show was a blast! EB took pics with us, and we had a chance to laugh it up with EB for a few minutes before the next group of waiting admirers had their chance to spend some time with this most amazing artist. So looking forward to the next time.



TrueEB Patrina clowning around with EB

Long-time fan of EB? Have all of his music? Know most of the lyrics to most of his songs? See him in person every chance you can? Well, you’re a TrueEB! Email to get more information.

True EB Live Correspondent Atlantic City Edition.

On Saturday, January 19, 2013 I was the TrueEB Live Correspondent for the show at the Harrah’s Casino & Resort in Atlantic City , NJ .

                                                                                      True EB Live Corespondent: Deirdre Lockett-Lyke
Eric & Deirdre at Howard Theater Thurs.night show

Let me start off my saying that Eric and the band as always gave an amazing show. I loved the background because it was pretty colorful. Eric graced the stage with his presence and sang “Love don’t love me”. He went on to tare up  the song “Spiritual Thing”. Eric went on to set “When you think of Me” up to the audience by giving them the history behind the song. The lights were dimmed and the audience anxiously waited to hear the lyrics of the song. Of course he sang “Chocolate Legs” and one of the ladies on the front row lifted her legs & put them on the stage in which everyone noticed including Eric. Truly a surprise that she did that but there’s not too much that will surprise me at an Eric Benet show.. LOL!  The ladies love this song. Eric decided to go down memory lane requesting assistance from the audience with Femininity, Pretty Baby, Etc.   Next he wanted to introduce and sing songs from his new CD. He blew “Real Love” up and went on to sing my goose bump song “Sometimes I Cry”. 

Well this True EB was definitely in the Garden State representing. Next Eric and Ms.Candice put it down with “Spend my Life”. Love the duet with them. Following “News for You” and Harriet Jones”. The grand finale was “Georgy Porgy” and as always it was a hit.  The show was over. As always Eric and the band were AMAZING. After the show I got a chance to say “Hey” and talk with Jonathan, Steve-O, AJ, Candice and Biju. All in All it was a good night. Great Performance.